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Who is a stringer?

We get good money for doing our job quickly, professionally and qualitatively. Our specialty is reportage video shooting in St. Petersburg, but if necessary, any of us is ready to go anywhere in the world.

Stringer (correspondent) is a freelance journalist, an independent freelance reporter. Wikipedia

Stringers of St. Petersburg - a group of freelancers-like-minded people with vast experience in various TV channels, both domestic and foreign.

What are we doing?

We shoot informational videos.

We make all the necessary elements for the video from St.Petersburg - synchronic, lyfy, video series, as well as standups. In addition, it is possible to write offscreen text and a photo report from the scene. Each stringer has at its disposal a basic set of audio and video equipment - a professional video camera, microphones and a tripod. If you do not have a correspondent bureau in the north-west of Russia, then it will be much more reasonable to use our services than to send a camera crew to St.Pete. You can significantly reduce the cost of video production.


Synchron in television and in cinema is called an interview with a participant in the events, or an expert on the reportage. This is a necessary bright and imaginative element of any information material.


According to our stringer, this is the most interesting part of the reportage. Life can include a character's speech, but they are usually much more emotional than synchros. This is an overheard part of the real life that is used in the video.


Without a good picture, the video is simply impossible.
Stringers of St. Petersburg always provide a high-quality video from the scene of events and various events.
There is the possibility of on-line broadcasts.

Stand up

The work of a journalist in the frame always helps the viewer to better understand those events, which are mentioned in the reportage. Stand - up requires the reporter to have a certain skill, and Stringers of St. Petersburg can record it qualitatively.

Voice-over text

If necessary, we can write off-screen text for the video. Who, if not the journalist who visited the site of the event, can reliably transmit information about what is happening on the scene?

The photo

Photographing is not our specialization, but if the editorial office requires a photoreport, our stringers in the SPB can easily and quickly send you pictures from the scene.

Why is it advantageous for editorial staff to work with us?

Working with spbstringer.ru is practical


Each stringer is ready to arrive as quickly as possible to the scene of events and to shoot the necessary video material


Many years of successful experience in leading Russian and foreign TV channels guarantees the quality of the video you have received.


There is no need to pay for the content of the correspondent bureau. You pay only for the work done.


Stringers of St. Petersburg always try to adhere to the technical specification for video shooting as much as possible.

Our team of video journalists

People who make reports from St. Petersburg

Stringer Dmitriy

Our team of freelance journalists is brightly writing the canvas of reality from the Northern capital of Russia.

Dmitriy Boyko


Стрингер Рома

Spbstringer.ru - is the best work that can only be imagined.

Roman Yalishev


Антон Пшеничный

He worked on many TV channels in St. Petersburg. Being a stringer is much more complicated, but also much more interesting.

Anton Pshenichniy


Shooting of spbstringer.ru

Videos of stringers from St. Petersburg you can see on the air of leading Russian and world TV channels.

Clients spbstringer.ru

Our clients are the leading Russian and foreign media. Those who once decided to order a video from St. Petersburg from us, usually do it again

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Our achievements

Stringers of St.Pete in numbers

350+ We have prepared more than 350 materials for information videos from St. Petersburg, published on federal and world TV channels
21+ Many TV channels and news agencies work with us constantly
120000+ During the year our stringers pass along the roads of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region a distance comparable to the three Equators
1650+ Cups of green tea drunk

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